Clap Back

What does Clap Back mean?

A smart response

Have you ever heard of a ‘Clap Back’? It’s a quick and smart response to an insult, and it’s so good that it often leaves the person who insulted you speechless.

Think of it as a dis, a burn, or maybe even throwing shade. It’s all about coming back at someone who’s tried to put you down, but doing it in a way that’s so clever they don’t know what to say.

‘Clap Back’ really started to take off in 2017. People were using it on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to talk about those epic comebacks that everyone loves.

It’s become so popular, you might even see it written as ‘clapback’. Keep your eyes peeled for it next time you’re scrolling through your feeds!

Example for using ‘Clap Back’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that comment on my post? Someone called me a loser!

Oh no, what did you do?

I didn’t let it slide. I clapped back with a savage comeback that shut them up!

Haha, you really know how to put people in their place!