Clean Sheet

What does Clean Sheet mean in Soccer?

Clean Sheet equals Shutout

In the world of sports, particularly in soccer, the term ‘Clean Sheet’ is often used. It signifies a situation where no goals have been scored against a team during a match, leaving the scorecard blank, hence the term.

It’s a common term in soccer, or football as it’s known outside the U.S. This is because there are quite a few games where neither team manages to score a goal. Clean Sheet is a term that soccer fans and commentators use to highlight an outstanding defensive performance that prevents any goals from being scored.

However, a Clean Sheet is not good news for the team that didn’t manage to score any goals. It’s a clear indication of their inability to breach the opponent’s defense.

While the term Clean Sheet is most commonly used in soccer, it can also be found in other sports. For instance, fans and observers of sports like baseball and hockey might also use it to commend an impressive defensive strategy.

Example for using ‘Clean Sheet’ in a conversation

Hey, did you watch the soccer match last night?

Yeah, it was amazing! The goalie had a clean sheet!

That’s awesome! It means the other team couldn’t score any goals, right?

Exactly! A clean sheet means the scorecard is blank, no goals against the team.