Clout Demon

What does Clout Demon mean?

A person on social media who is desperate for fame

A clout demon is someone who has no boundaries in their quest for popularity on social media. They will go to any length, including posting inappropriate content or picking fights, just to attract more followers. The term ‘clout demon’ suggests a person who is desperate for online attention and is willing to do absolutely anything to get it.

Unlike those who merely chase clout, a clout demon’s actions usually leave no room for doubt about their intentions. Every single post they make is aimed at triggering a response, be it positive or negative. They thrive on any form of interaction as they know this makes their posts more visible to others.

One of the strategies employed by clout demons is to comment on posts by high-profile social media users. They do this hoping to get a reaction which in turn boosts their own visibility. This is all part of their plan to increase their follower count.

In a nutshell, a clout demon is relentless in their pursuit of online fame. They care little for the social aspect of social media and focus solely on their follower count, turning their online presence into a follower gathering machine. Remember, their actions are driven by a desire for popularity, not genuine social interaction.

Example for using ‘Clout Demon’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Karen’s latest Instagram post? She’s such a clout demon! πŸ™„

Oh no, what is she doing now? 😬

She’s literally doing yoga in a bikini on top of a car just to get more likes and followers! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

Wow, she’ll do anything for attention, huh? That’s too much! 😳