Clout Leech

What does Clout Leech mean?

Someone who befriends another person only to gain popularity

A clout leech is someone who uses another person’s popularity or fame to boost their own. This term is mostly used on social media to describe individuals who share pictures or videos with more famous people to increase their number of likes and followers.

The slang term gained traction in 2018 as a derogatory way to describe these individuals. They are seen as latching onto the popular or “cool” people, like a leech, in order to tap into their clout, or influence. This behavior can happen anywhere, from high school settings to workplace environments.

On platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat, these clout leeches can be everyday users or even influencers who build their following by associating with those who have more clout than them. They present a curated, often unrealistic, lifestyle to their followers to appear more popular or successful than they really are.

Similar terms to clout leech are clout chaser, poser, and performative activist. These words also describe individuals who crave popularity and will use other people to get it. Some people argue that the entourage of a celebrity is often made up of clout leeches.

Example for using ‘Clout Leech’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Sarah’s latest Instagram post?

Yeah, she’s always hanging out with famous people now.

I know, right? She’s turned into such a clout leech.

Exactly! She’s just using them to get more followers.