What does Clowning mean?

Clowning equals Joking

Clowning is slang that means joking around or acting in a silly way. This term comes from the typical behavior of clowns, who are known for their goofiness and ability to make people laugh. You might hear this term used a lot when someone in charge is trying to get a group to stop messing around and focus on the task at hand.

Another common use for this term is when someone is making fun of someone else in a light-hearted manner. For example, “John was clowning on Sarah at the party.” This means John was teasing Sarah in a fun, friendly way.

So, if you hear someone using the term ‘clowning’, they’re probably talking about someone acting silly, joking around, or playfully making fun of someone else. It’s all about being funny and not taking things too seriously.

Example for using ‘Clowning’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the cat playing the piano?

Haha, yeah! That cat was clowning!

I know, right? It was so funny!

Definitely made my day. Gotta love those cute cat videos!