What does CMA stand for?

Cover my a**

CMA is an acronym for “Cover my a**”, a slang phrase often used to request assistance or protection. It’s a way of saying “I need your help” or “Protect me”.

Originally, the phrase was commonly used in high-risk situations by people like soldiers or police officers who needed backup. However, in day-to-day language, especially among younger generations, CMA has a much lighter and less serious connotation.

It’s typically used in casual conversations, text messages, or online chats when a person wants someone else to cover for them or help them out in a situation. It’s common among teenagers and young adults.

For instance, if a sister wants her brother to cover for her when she sneaks out to a party, she might use the term CMA. Or, if you want a colleague to handle your tasks so you can leave work early, you could also use the term.

Example for using ‘CMA’ in a conversation

Hey, can you do me a favor?

Sure, what’s up?

I need you to CMA and cover for me at work tomorrow.

No problem, I got you covered!