What does CMM stand for?

Change my mind

When someone sends you a message with the term ‘CMM’, it shows they’ve had a change of heart about a previous decision or viewpoint. This phrase is mostly used in online chats or text messages, either as a standalone term or as part of a sentence.

People who frequently use ‘CMM’ might find it hard to stick to their decisions, or they could be the type to keep you on your toes. Their changeability could be a natural part of their character, or it could be a deliberate tactic to keep things interesting.

For instance, you might use ‘CMM’ to tell your buddy that you’ve lost interest in attending a gig because you’ve changed your mind. Or maybe you text your mom to say you don’t fancy pizza for dinner anymore because you’ve changed your mind. She’ll probably reply with something like, “Too late, it’s already in the oven!”

Example for using ‘CMM’ in a conversation

Hey, are you still up for going to the movies tonight?

Yeah, I was actually thinking about it, but CMM. I’m not really in the mood for a movie tonight.

No problem, let’s do something else then. How about grabbing dinner instead?

Sounds good! CMM, I changed my mind again. Let’s go for sushi instead.