College Shower

What does College Shower mean?

Using air freshener to make clothes smell better

When someone refers to a ‘College Shower’, they’re talking about a quick fix method to make clothes smell fresh. This doesn’t involve any water or detergent, instead, it’s about using air fresheners such as Febreze, Renuzit, or Glade to mask any unpleasant odors.

This term is most commonly used by teenagers and young adults. The reasons for taking a ‘College Shower’ might vary, it could be to save money, out of sheer laziness, or even due to a lack of proper skills to do laundry.

The origin of the term remains uncertain, but it’s believed to have been derived from college students, especially those living away from home for the first time. The term captures the quintessential college experience of having to learn basic life skills, such as doing laundry, and often waking up in places where a quick freshen-up with an air freshener is needed.

While air fresheners are a popular choice, some people might also go for strong deodorants like AXE or Old Spice, or even cologne and perfume. For instance, it’s not uncommon for middle school boys to be liberal with their use of AXE body spray.

Example for using ‘College Shower’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m running late for class! My clothes smell terrible. What should I do?

No worries, just take a college shower!

What’s a college shower?

It’s when you spray your clothes with air freshener to make them smell clean instead of washing them.