What does Comb-over mean?

Hairdo where hair is swept to one side of the head

A comb-over is a particular way of arranging hair that’s used often by men who are losing their hair. They brush their hair from one side to cover the bald area on the other side. This hairstyle is usually chosen to hide a thinning hairline.

There are several ways to sport a comb-over, including ones that are short or long, a comb-over taper fade, and a comb-over fade. All these styles are variations of the basic comb-over, but the main goal remains the same – to cover up baldness.

The most common type of comb-over, often referred to as the “classic” comb-over, gained popularity in the 1970s and 80s. It’s not as much about fashion as it is about hiding bald patches.

Even though the classic comb-over is still used today, many men prefer to accept their baldness. Instead of trying to cover it up, they choose to shave their heads completely.

Example for using ‘Comb-over’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen Mark’s new hairstyle?

Yeah, he’s rocking a comb-over now.

Oh, really? Is he trying to hide his baldness?

Yep, that’s exactly why he went for the comb-over.