What does Comped mean in Roblox?


When a Roblox gamer says their account has been ‘comped’, it means they’re in a bit of a pickle. The word ‘comped’ in Roblox lingo is shorthand for ‘compromised’ or ‘hacked’.

Getting ‘comped’ is a nightmare for any player. The hacker who comped the account seizes full control, allowing them to misuse the player’s Robux, trade off valuable items (usually to their own account) and cause all sorts of mischief.

To stay clear of being ‘comped’, you should steer away from running scripts, apps, or loggers sent by other players, unless you are absolutely sure you can trust them. Keeping your account information, like your password, to yourself is also crucial.

But what if your account is already comped? Don’t panic. Reach out to Roblox support. They can potentially boot the hacker and help you regain control of your account.

Example for using ‘Comped’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about this term ‘Comped’?

Yeah, it means ‘hacked’ in Roblox.

Oh, I see. So, if someone’s account gets comped, it means it’s been compromised or hacked, right?

Exactly! The hacker gets full access to the hacked player’s account and can do all sorts of things like spending their Robux and trading away their items.

That’s awful! How can we avoid getting comped?

Well, we should never run scripts or apps from other players unless we trust them completely. And never share our account information like the password with anyone.

Got it. If someone’s account has already been comped, they should contact Roblox support, right?

Yes, that’s correct. Roblox support can help kick out the hacker and restore the account.