What does Cop mean?

Someone who enforces the law, usually a police officer

Cop is a well-known slang word used to describe a police officer. This term is used globally and has become almost as official as the term ‘police officer’. It’s also a part of a larger collection of police-related slang, such as po-po and the less respectful term, pig.

The origin of the term ‘cop’ is still a topic of debate. Some argue it’s an acronym for “constable on patrol”, a term with roots in Old English. Alternatively, others suggest it stands for “chief of police”.

Another theory points to the possibility that ‘cop’ stems from the short form of “copper”. This refers to the copper badges once worn by New York’s finest. Yet another belief is that it’s derived from the Latin word “capere”, meaning “to take, seize, capture”.

Despite its slang status, ‘cop’ is widely accepted and used as a general term for police officers. It’s universally recognized, making it a common part of everyday language.

Example for using ‘Cop’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that cop car driving by?

Yeah, I saw it. Looks like they’re on patrol.

I hope they catch those speeders on this road.

Me too! Cops are here to keep us safe.