What does Cornucopia mean on TikTok?


When people on TikTok talk about LGBTQ issues, they might use the term cornucopia instead of homophobia. This is because the social media platform’s automated systems sometimes hide or delete posts that include the word homophobia. This language swap is a form of algospeak.

Using the word cornucopia helps TikTok users to get their point across without their posts being taken down. The word was chosen because it somewhat sounds like homophobia and isn’t commonly used in everyday conversation.

So the next time you see cornucopia being used in a TikTok post, remember that it’s a clever workaround to discuss important LGBTQ issues without being flagged by the platform’s moderation tools.

Example for using ‘Cornucopia’ in a conversation

Hey, have you seen that TikTok video about LGBTQ issues?

Yes, I did! It’s great that they’re spreading awareness.

Definitely! Did you notice they used the word ‘cornucopia’ instead of ‘homophobia’?

Oh yeah, I noticed that! It’s a clever way to avoid automated moderation.