What does CP stand for?

Club Penguin

‘CP’ is a slang term that former players of the now-defunct Disney game, Club Penguin, use to refer to it. This popular children’s game, an online multiplayer platform, was active between 2005 and 2017.

In this game, people played as cartoon penguins exploring a world that resembled Antarctica. A key feature of Club Penguin was its commitment to providing a safe environment for kids. This was achieved by introducing an Ultimate Safe Chat mode, where players could only use pre-set messages to communicate with each other.

After Disney closed CP in 2017, many devoted players recreated the game on their own servers. However, most of these player-created versions disappeared in May 2020. This happened when Disney issued a Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedown notice to a particularly notorious version known as Club Penguin Online.

Example for using ‘CP’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you ever play CP?

Yeah, I used to love Club Penguin!

Me too! It was such a cute game with those penguins.

I know, right? And it was super safe for kids too.