What does Cracka mean?

‘Cracka’ is slang for a white person

Cracka is a slang term used primarily as an insult towards white people. It’s thought to have its roots in history, with some suggesting that it comes from the word ‘cracker’. The term ‘cracker’ was once used to refer to slaveowners, who would ‘crack’ their whips to control their slaves.

The usage of the term ‘Cracka’ is considered a bit more informal than ‘cracker’. It’s often used interchangeably with other similar terms like ‘honkey’, which is another slang term used to describe white people.

It’s quite common to hear the term ‘Cracka’ used in certain parts of America, especially in the South. This is because it’s often used to describe white Southerners. However, it’s important to remember that it’s considered a derogatory term and can be offensive to some.

Example for using ‘Cracka’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that new guy at work?

Yeah, the one with the blond hair?

Yeah, him! I heard some people calling him a cracka.

Oh, really? Isn’t that a slang term for a white person?