What does Cram mean?

Studying a lot, last minute before a test

When you hear the term ‘Cram’, it typically means someone is studying intensively at the last minute for a test. Imagine stuffing your brain with all the knowledge you can, much like cramming clothes into a suitcase. That’s where the term comes from.

This is a usual practice among those who tend to put off studying until the last moment, or the high-achievers who are anxious about not scoring top marks in their exams. Cramming often involves late-night study sessions, which isn’t the best strategy for optimal performance.

Research shows that lack of sleep can actually result in poorer performance on exams. So, while cramming might seem like a good idea in the moment, it’s not the most effective way to prepare for a test.

Example for using ‘Cram’ in a conversation

Hey, do you want to hang out tonight?

I wish I could, but I have to cram for my exam tomorrow.

Oh no, didn’t you have time to study earlier?

I know, I procrastinated and now I have to cram all the information in my head.