Crash Your Squad

What does Crash Your Squad mean?

Become part of your friend group

When someone decides to ‘Crash Your Squad’, they’re basically joining your group or hangout. This can happen for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they have no other friends around, or maybe their usual crew is tied up with other plans.

It’s a slang term that’s used to describe the act of swooping in and becoming part of a squad. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, it can be fun to have new people crash your squad and mix things up a little.

So, next time someone unexpected shows up at your hangout, you’ll know they’ve just decided to ‘Crash Your Squad’. Who knows? You might even end up making a new friend.

Example for using ‘Crash Your Squad’ in a conversation

Hey, what’s up? Can I crash your squad tonight? πŸŽ‰

Sure, we’re just gonna hang out at Sarah’s place. Come join us! πŸ‘πŸ‘

Awesome, thanks! I don’t have any plans tonight. See you soon! πŸ˜„

No problem, we’re always happy to have you with us. See you in a bit! πŸ™Œ