What does Crash mean?

To fall asleep super quickly

Ever been so tired that you fell asleep the moment your head hit the pillow? That’s what ‘Crash’ means in slang. It’s used when someone is so exhausted that they instantly fall asleep, no matter where they are.

There are many situations that can cause someone to ‘Crash’. It could be after a super busy day at work, staying up all night with a new baby, or even after a day of non-stop fun outdoors.

The term ‘Crash’ is pretty similar to a computer crash, which happens when your computer suddenly shuts down because of a system error. In the same way, people ‘Crash’ when they suddenly shut down, usually when they are in a horizontal position like lying in bed, lounging on a couch, or slumped in a chair.

Example for using ‘Crash’ in a conversation

Hey, how was your day?

Ugh, it was so long. I can’t wait to crash tonight.

I feel you. I crashed as soon as I got home yesterday.

I need a good crash after this crazy week.