What does Crashy mean?

Crazy and trashy

If a person is described as having a mix of both crazy and trashy characteristics, they are labeled as ‘crashy’. This term is widely used to talk about someone’s odd or peculiar appearance or conduct.

The exact origin of the term ‘crashy’ is unknown, but it started to gain attention in 2021 on social media platforms. It’s frequently used to point out individuals online, regardless of whether the person using it knows them or not.

For instance, if you’re a fan of reality TV shows, you might notice some ‘crashy’ behavior amongst the celebrities. This could be anything wild or outlandish, like swiping money from someone’s wallet to buy a pack of smokes. Depending on the context, ‘crashy’ can either be a negative term or used in a light-hearted, friendly way.

Example for using ‘Crashy’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see what happened at the party last night? πŸŽ‰

Yeah, it was totally crashy! πŸ€ͺπŸ—‘οΈ

I know, right? The dancing on the tables and the messy drinks everywhere. 😱🍹

Exactly! It was a crazy and trashy scene. 🀣