What does Cray mean?


Cray is slang for crazy. If something is totally wild or unbelievable, you might say it’s cray. This is a word that you could use to talk about anything that really amazes or shocks you.

It’s also often used in a doubled up form as “cray cray”. This basically means the same thing – that something is really out there or hard to believe. It’s just a fun, playful way to express that idea.

So, whether you’re talking about a wild party, an amazing vacation, or a bizarre news story, cray or cray cray could be the perfect words to describe it. They’re cool, informal words that can really help you express your amazement or surprise.

Example for using ‘Cray’ in a conversation

Did you see that new superhero movie?

Yeah, it was totally cray. The special effects were out of this world!

I know right? The storyline was cray cray too.

Absolutely! Can’t wait for the sequel.