What does Craydar mean?

Skill to sense insanity

Craydar is a playful word that’s all about someone’s knack for sensing weirdness in another person. It’s like the well-known word ‘radar’, but with a twist: it’s specifically for picking up on the ‘crazy’ vibes people can give off.

Ever had a friend who could tell if someone was a little off, even before they really did anything to show it? That’s craydar in action. It’s a sixth sense for sketchiness, a built-in alarm for the absurd.

When it comes to love, craydar becomes even more useful. It’s all about spotting those red flags that suggest a potential partner might be a bit more than you bargained for. Maybe they’re sending you too many late-night texts, or they’re suddenly a fan of every single one of your social media posts. That’s when your craydar starts beeping!

So, craydar is your secret weapon, your personal early warning system for the strange and unusual. Trust it, and it might just save you a lot of headaches down the line.

Example for using ‘Craydar’ in a conversation

Did you notice how Jake liked every single one of my pictures on Facebook after our first date?

Yeah, that’s a bit too much. Your craydar should be going off.

I know, right? It’s just the first date. I’m getting a weird vibe.

Trust your craydar. It’s usually right.