Crew Cut

What does Crew Cut mean?

Haircut short on the sides, a bit longer on top

A Crew Cut is a popular hairstyle among men, characterized by short sides with slightly longer hair on the top. It’s also known by different names such as the buzz cut, butch, or flat-top crew cut.

Thought to have originated in the 1920s, the term ‘Crew Cut’ is often linked to a Yale rowing team member named Bob Anderson. The style became a trend among his team members, leading to the name ‘Crew Cut’.

The hairstyle was not just a fad at Ivy League colleges, it was also adopted by the U.S. military during World War II. Every soldier was given a crew cut, making it a standardized ‘clean look’.

Over time, the Crew Cut has evolved into many different styles, with varying lengths on top and different tapering techniques. Some of these variations include long comb-overs and flat-tops, making the Crew Cut a versatile hairstyle.

Example for using ‘Crew Cut’ in a conversation

Hey, I’m thinking of getting a new haircut. Any suggestions?

How about a crew cut? It’s a popular hairstyle for men.

What’s a crew cut?

It’s a haircut with buzzed and faded sides and slightly longer hair on top.