What does Cricketing mean?

Ignoring someone’s message is called ‘Cricketing’

Cricketing happens when you get one or more messages from someone you’re interested in, but you don’t reply. You’re leaving them with nothing but “crickets”, which makes them feel like their message isn’t even worth a reply. This can be quite frustrating for the person who sent the message.

This rude dating trend is a kind of “ghosting”, because it leaves a painful void for the other person. It’s similar to being “left on read”, where the sender can see that you’ve received their message, but you’re not responding.

You might experience cricketing when you’re dating someone who can’t make up their mind, or after a first date with someone who didn’t really like you. Sometimes, people use cricketing as a way to end a date in a friendly way, without saying it outright. This is also known as “caspering.”

Example for using ‘Cricketing’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see my message from yesterday?


Seriously? You’re cricketing me again?