What does it mean?

Buzzed and tipsy at the same time

Ever heard the term ‘Crossed’? Well, it’s a phrase that’s quite popular among high school and college students. It’s the state of being both drunk and high at the same time. You’ve had a bit to drink and you’ve smoked some weed, and boom – you’re crossed.

Parties, especially among younger crowds, are the typical settings where one might end up getting ‘Crossed’. It’s also sometimes called getting ‘chopped’. So, if you hear someone mentioning they got crossed or chopped at a party, they’re not talking about a game of tic-tac-toe or a cooking mishap.

Remember though, while slang terms like ‘Crossed’ might sound cool or fun, it’s always important to be aware of and respect your limits. Drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana can have different effects on different people, especially when consumed together.

Example for using ‘Crossed’ in a conversation

Hey, are you going to the party tonight?

Yeah, for sure! I heard it’s gonna be wild.

Nice! Are you planning to get crossed?

Definitely! It’s gonna be a blast being high and drunk at the same time.