What does CRS stand for?

Can’t remember stuff

If you’ve ever found yourself forgetting important details, you might use the slang term ‘CRS’. This acronym stands for “can’t remember stuff” and is often used in text or chat conversations when someone is struggling to recall information.

For instance, a learner who’s struggling to remember what they’ve been taught in a lesson might say they ‘CRS’. This is especially true if they’ve made a genuine effort to pay attention but still can’t remember.

CRS is not the only acronym used to describe forgetfulness. You might also come across CRAT, CRAFT, and CRAWS. These are also used when people are frustrated with their memory not serving them right.

Example for using ‘CRS’ in a conversation

Hey, do you remember what time we’re meeting for lunch tomorrow?

CRS πŸ˜… Can you remind me?

Sure! It’s at 12:30 PM at our favorite cafe.

Thanks! Sorry, my memory’s been acting up lately. CRS strikes again! πŸ˜…