What does Crybully mean?

Someone who acts like a bully but also pretends to be the victim

A crybully is someone who bullies others while pretending to be the victim themselves. This term is a blend of “crybaby” and “bully”. It’s mostly used to point out those people on social media who use any perceived insult as a reason to lash out.

Common platforms where you can spot crybullies are Twitter and Facebook. They are the type of people who get upset about something and then use that as a reason to target others. Crybullies are known to adopt a tit-for-tat approach and can use almost any situation to start a fight.

These individuals are particularly volatile when the topic is politics, so be careful. Crybullies find it easy to get worked up and often exploit any situation to their advantage. So, it’s best to be aware and steer clear of such people to avoid unnecessary social media drama.

Example for using ‘Crybully’ in a conversation

Ugh, did you see what happened on Twitter today?

No, what’s up?

This guy got so offended by a joke someone made and started attacking them, playing the victim card.

Sounds like a crybully.