What does CSS stand for?

Cascading Style Sheet

CSS is an acronym used in the web development world, standing for style sheets that assist in formatting webpage layouts. These style sheets are a crucial tool in defining various elements of a webpage, ranging from the sizes of tables to the styles of text.

Web developers find CSS incredibly helpful in ensuring a consistent look across all pages that reference the CSS file. This means, no matter how many pages a website has, they can all maintain a uniform appearance if they reference the same CSS file.

So, next time you stumble upon a well-structured website with a uniform look, know that CSS might have played a significant role in its creation. It’s a key ingredient in the toolbox of modern web developers, helping them create visually appealing and consistent webpages.

Example for using ‘CSS’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of CSS?

Yeah, it stands for Cascading Style Sheet, right? 🎨

Exactly! It’s used to format webpage layouts. It helps web developers make webpages look consistent. 🌐

Oh, so it’s like defining different aspects of a webpage, like table sizes and text styles? ✍️