What does CT stand for?

Central time zone

When you hear the term ‘CT’, it’s all about time zones. More specifically, it’s a short form for Central Time, used in several parts of the US, northern Canada, and a large part of Central America.

CT is used in the central and Midwest regions of the United States which include states such as Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, certain areas of Illinois like Chicago, and Louisiana.

Not just the US, the slang term ‘CT’ is also used to describe the time in parts of northern Canada and a large part of Central America as well.

It’s important to know that CT is one hour behind ET (Eastern Time), one hour ahead of MT (Mountain Time), and two hours ahead of PT (Pacific Time). This is crucial for planning anything that involves people from multiple time zones.

Example for using ‘CT’ in a conversation

Hey, what time is the game tonight?

It starts at 7 PM CT ⏰

Great! So that means it’s 8 PM here, right? πŸ€”

No, actually it’s 6 PM here. CT is one hour behind our time zone. ⏰