What does CTB mean?

Catch the bus

CTB is an abbreviation that stands for the phrase “catch the bus”. This phrase is often used as a coded way of referring to suicide. It’s based on the idea that being hit by a bus, typically traveling at high speed, would lead to death.

This slang term is most commonly found being used online, in places like social media, forums, and private messages. While it’s often used in a serious context, some people may also use it in a joking manner, particularly those with a darker sense of humor.

The origins of the abbreviation CTB aren’t totally clear, but it’s thought to have started being used in the 1990s. Many believe it originated in the Usenet newsgroup “alt.suicide.holiday”. This was a time when online communities were just beginning to use the phrase “catch the bus”.

Example for using ‘CTB’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about what happened last night?

No, what happened?

Well, our teacher said she won’t be coming back to school anymore.

Oh no, why not?

I heard she CTB’d.

Wait, what does CTB mean?

It means “catch the bus.” It’s like a code for committing suicide.

Oh wow, that’s really sad. I didn’t know that.