What does CTFD stand for?

Calm the f*** down

Ever found yourself in a situation where someone is flipping out for no reason and you wish you could just tell them to chill? That’s where the slang term ‘CTFD’ comes in handy. It’s a crude acronym that essentially tells a person to relax and stop overreacting.

‘CTFD’ is often used in stressful situations where someone is not thinking clearly. It’s like a verbal slap in the face to snap them out of their frenzy and get them to approach the situation with a level head.

So next time you see someone freaking out, don’t be surprised if someone else steps in and tells them to ‘CTFD’. It might seem harsh, but sometimes it’s necessary to bring someone back to reality.

Example for using ‘CTFD’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the new project we have to work on? It’s so overwhelming!

CTFD! It’s just a project. Take a deep breath and break it down into smaller tasks.

I know, but I’m worried about the deadline. There’s so much to do!

I get it, but stressing won’t help. Let’s focus on one thing at a time and we’ll get through it.