What does CTFU mean?

Cracking the f*** up

When you see ‘CTFU’ in a text message or online post, it stands for ‘cracking the f*** up’. Essentially, it’s a way to say you’re laughing really hard. It’s used to stress how funny something is, whether it be a photo, video, or anecdote.

Although it’s not the most common slang for laughter, it’s often used as an alternative to the usual ‘LOL’, ‘LMAO’, ‘haha’, ‘dead’, or ‘ROFL’. It might not be everyone’s go-to choice, but it’s still widely understood.

For example, if your cousin shares a hilarious video of your nephew trying to cook, you might respond with ‘CTFU’. Or, you could use it to react to a funny meme someone posted on Instagram. It’s a fun way of expressing your amusement.

Example for using ‘CTFU’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that video of the cat trying to jump on the couch? πŸ˜‚

Yes! CTFU! That was hilarious! It totally missed and fell off! 🀣

I know, right? I couldn’t stop laughing! It’s too funny! πŸ˜†

I watched it like ten times and I still can’t stop laughing! CTFU! 🀣