What does CTN stand for?

Can’t talk now

If you’re messaging and can’t respond or are too busy to chat, you might use the term ‘CTN’. This could be because you’re in a situation where you can’t speak out loud, like in a large meeting, or maybe you’re busy settling your kids for the night.

Sometimes, people might use ‘CTRN’ instead of CTN. This is just another way to stress that they can’t communicate at the moment.

With smartphones now offering the option to send auto-response messages to incoming calls, the use of CTN has gone down. But, there are still some who prefer to use CTN in their texts or online messages when they can’t chat.

Example for using ‘CTN’ in a conversation

Hey, can you talk right now?

Sorry, CTN. I’m in a meeting at work. What’s up?

No worries. Just wanted to see if you’re free for lunch later.

I wish I could, but I have back-to-back meetings all day. Rain check?