What does CU@ mean?

See you around

Have you ever seen CU@ in a text or online message and wondered what it means? Well, CU@ is simply a quick way of saying “see you around” or “I’ll see you later.” The @ symbol is often read as “around” due to its round, swirling shape.

It’s quite common to use CU@ when wrapping up a conversation in messages. Say you’ve been chatting with a friend and you’re feeling sleepy, you might say, “Hey, I need to get some sleep. CU@!”

CU@ is just one of many ways to say goodbye in text talk. There are others like CUL (see you later), TTYL (talk to you later), gb (goodbye), l8r (later), and even Bye Felicia!

Example for using ‘CU@’ in a conversation

Hey, are you free tonight?

Yeah, I am! What’s up?

I was thinking we could grab dinner. CU@ the usual spot?

Sounds good! CU@ there at 7?