What does CU2 stand for?

See you, too

When you’re wrapping up a fun chat online and someone says ‘CU2’, it means they’re saying “see you, too“. This is something you’ll often see when the person you’re chatting with is about to sign off. It’s like their way of saying goodbye.

CU2 is not just a simple goodbye though. It’s also a nice little sign that they’ve had a great time chatting with you. They’re basically saying they’re looking forward to the next time you guys get to chat.

So, if you see CU2, remember they’re not just saying goodbye for now. They’re also saying they can’t wait to chat with you again. So make sure you hit them up the next time you’re both online!

Example for using ‘CU2’ in a conversation

Hey, just wanted to say CUL8R!

CU2! I had a great time chatting with you. Let’s do it again soon. 😊

Definitely! I’ll reach out when we’re both online. Take care!

You too! Talk to you later. πŸ‘‹