What does CUB stand for?

Call you back

When someone sends you CUB, they are letting you know they will “call you back.” This usually happens after a missed call. It means they saw your call, but couldn’t pick up because they were busy at the moment.

CUB can also be sent after a call gets cut off or interrupted in some way. But don’t worry – the person sending you CUB is not ignoring you. They just can’t talk or respond to you right now.

Remember, CUB is a promise that they will get back to you. It’s their way of saying: “I’ve got your call and I’ll respond when I can.”

Example for using ‘CUB’ in a conversation

Hey, can you talk right now? πŸ“ž

Sorry, I’m really busy at the moment. Can I CUB? πŸ•™

Sure, no problem! CUB when you’re free. 😊

Thanks! Will do. Talk to you later! πŸ‘‹