What does Cul8rm8 mean?

See you later, mate

What’s up with Cul8rm8? It’s a creative abbreviation that stands for “see you later, mate.” This neat little slang term smooshes together cu, l8r, and m8, saving you precious time when typing.

If you’re chatting with your pals (especially those from Australia), you might see cul8rm8 used as a way to end the conversation. It’s a casual, friendly sign-off that keeps the chat lighthearted.

So, how do you respond to cul8rm8? A simple ‘cheers’ or any other casual sign-offs mentioned in the Related Slang section below should do the trick.

Example for using ‘Cul8rm8’ in a conversation

Hey! Are you free this evening?

Yeah, I am. What’s up?

I was thinking we could grab dinner. Cul8rm8?

Sounds good! Cul8rm8 at 7 pm?