What does CUOL stand for?

See you online

If your buddies tell you they’ll CUOL, they’re saying they’ll “see you online.” This slang term is mostly used in text messages when friends are planning to chat or play online games later in the day.

Although CUOL includes the word “see,” it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re planning to video call you. The term “see” is used more in a figurative sense here. So, when someone says they’ll CUOL, they’re probably looking forward to text chatting or voice calling with you, and the focus is not on seeing your face.

In short, CUOL is a fun and quick way to tell someone you’ll catch up with them later online, whether that’s for a game, a chat, or anything else you might do on the internet.

Example for using ‘CUOL’ in a conversation

Hey! Are you free to chat later?

Sure! I’ll CUOL. What time works for you?

How about around 7 PM?

Sounds good! CUOL then! 😊