What does Cusper mean?

Someone born on the edge of two generations

A cusper is someone who is born at the transition point of a generation. They could be at the tail-end or at the start of a generation. Take, for instance, someone born in 1996 – they’re a cusper who might identify as a millennial, a zoomer, or neither. They’re sometimes referred to as zillennials.

Cuspers have the special trait of experiencing life events and adopting characteristics that are associated with both generations they straddle. For example, a cusper who is on the border of millennial and zoomer generations would likely remember life before everyone had cell phones, unlike a zoomer born later.

Because of their unique position, cuspers often act as a bridge between different generations. This is particularly useful in workplaces, where they can help to close the ‘gap’ between people from different generations.

Example for using ‘Cusper’ in a conversation

Hey, did you know I’m a cusper?

Oh, really? What does that mean?

It means I was born right on the edge of two generations.

That’s cool! So, which generation do you identify with?

Well, I can relate to both millennials and zoomers.

Ah, so you’re like a zillennial then?

Exactly! I remember a time before cell phones were everywhere, but I also grew up with technology.

That’s pretty unique. Cuspers like you can bridge the gap between different generations.