Cut Class

What does Cut Class mean?

Skip school

When we say a student has ‘cut class’, it means they have chosen not to attend their class purposefully. They might do so for various reasons – to indulge in something more exciting, to catch up on some sleep, or, in rare cases, to finish homework for another class.

Cutting class is not looked upon kindly by teachers, parents, and other adult figures. Hence, students who often cut class may find themselves in some sort of trouble.

Moreover, frequent class cutting can lead to poor academic performance. Many studies have suggested a positive correlation between class attendance and good grades, indicating that students who regularly attend class tend to perform better academically.

Example for using ‘Cut Class’ in a conversation

Friend 1: Hey, have you seen Sarah today?

Friend 2: No, she cut class again.

Friend 1: Seriously? She’s always finding an excuse to skip.

Friend 2: Yeah, she thinks it’s more fun to hang out at the mall.