What does CWOT stand for?

Complete waste of time

Let’s say you have a task at work or a chore at home that you find absolutely pointless. You might refer to this task as a CWOT, meaning it’s a “complete waste of time”.

Imagine a scenario where your buddy, John, complains about tracking his time spent on different tasks at work. He says it’s a CWOT because he could be spending that time actually doing his work.

So, next time when someone says they’re doing a CWOT, you’ll know they’re stuck with a task they believe is not worth their time or effort.

Example for using ‘CWOT’ in a conversation

Ugh, I have to fill out this time tracking sheet for work. 😩

Oh no, that sounds like a CWOT. πŸ™„

Tell me about it! It feels like such a waste of time when I could be doing actual work. 😫

I totally get it. Some tasks just feel like they don’t contribute much. πŸ˜’