What does Cyal8r mean?

See you later

If you see someone signing off a text or online chat with cyal8r, they’re saying “see you later.” It’s a neat little abbreviation that’s a mash-up of the phrases cya (see you) and l8r (later).

Usually, you’ll spot cyal8r being used right at the end of a conversation. It’s a casual way of letting the other person know that you plan to catch up with them later on.

And, just a heads up, you might also see this phrase written as cul8r. It’s basically the same thing, just a smidge shorter and quicker to type!

Example for using ‘Cyal8r’ in a conversation

Hey! Are you busy today? πŸ€”

Hey! Not really, what’s up? πŸ˜„

Great! Let’s catch up for coffee. How about 4pm? β˜•οΈ

Sounds good! See you at the usual place. Cyal8r! 😊