What does Cyberbully mean?

Someone who uses tech to bully others

A cyberbully is someone who uses technology, especially the Internet, to harass or torment other individuals. The main goal of a cyberbully is to embarrass, scare, or make fun of others using words, pictures, videos, and sounds.

Just like traditional bullying, cyberbullying is meant to cause harm. However, it doesn’t usually involve physical harm, but rather psychological distress. This type of bullying is most common among teenagers who have access to Internet-enabled devices. Often, the victims are those who are seen as different from the mainstream crowd or those who are socially isolated.

Cyberbullying can take place on public online platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. But it can also happen in more private settings like direct messages, Snapchat, phone calls, and texts. Even though the bullies are not physically present, their actions can cause severe emotional distress to the victims, sometimes even leading to depression or suicide.

Example for using ‘Cyberbully’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard about cyberbullying? πŸ˜•

Yeah, I have. It’s when someone uses technology to bully others. πŸ˜”

Exactly! They harass people online, like on social media or through messages. It can be really hurtful. πŸ˜”

That’s awful. Cyberbullying can cause serious psychological harm. We should always stand up against it. πŸ‘Š