What does Cybermob mean?

An online group of users who bully or annoy other users

A cybermob is essentially a digital swarm of internet users who join forces to harass or intimidate other online users. They are often found lurking on social media platforms, chat rooms, and in the comment sections of various websites.

They operate in a similar way to how bees protect their hive, pouncing on those who voice differing opinions, share news articles, or post any form of media content. Their main targets are usually political discussions, sports team rivalries, and discussions relating to the Me Too movement.

Members of a cybermob are often made up of trolls or keyboard warriors. These individuals hide behind the anonymity of the internet to act tough and intimidating, but they are typically quite fragile in real-life scenarios.

It’s important to remember that cybermob behavior is not just unpleasant – it can also lead to serious real-world consequences for those on the receiving end of their attacks.

Example for using ‘Cybermob’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see that post about the new movie?

Yeah, I did. The cybermob attacked the director for his casting choices. It got really nasty.

That’s terrible. People can be so mean online.

I know, right? They just gang up on anyone who doesn’t agree with them.