What does Cyberslacking mean?

Using your work’s Internet for your own stuff when you’re supposed to be working

Cyberslacking happens when someone uses their working hours to browse the internet for non-work related activities, or use their official email for personal communication. It usually starts off as a quick break from work but often turns into a longer period of mindless scrolling.

This habit is seen as a significant drain on a company’s resources because it negatively impacts the employee’s productivity. The time spent cyberslacking is time that could have been used to contribute to the company’s goals.

To tackle this issue, many businesses put policies in place to discourage cyberslacking. This may include blocking access to popular websites like Instagram or Snapchat during work hours.

Example for using ‘Cyberslacking’ in a conversation

Hey! Did you see that funny cat video I sent you earlier? 🐱

Haha, yeah! It made my day! πŸ˜‚ But shhh… I’m at work right now. 😜

Oh, you’re cyberslacking again, aren’t you? 😏

Guilty as charged! Just taking a quick break from all the emails and reports. πŸ˜…