What does Cyberstalking mean?

Using technology to stalk someone is known as ‘Cyberstalking’

Cyberstalking is a practice where an individual uses digital tools, like the internet and mobile devices, to stalk or harass another person. This form of harassment is often targeted towards women and sometimes even public figures, by men who have an obsessive interest in them.

While it might seem similar to trolling, it’s important to understand that cyberstalking comes with a real threat to the victim’s safety, unlike trolling which is mostly done to annoy or provoke the person. This type of stalking has become more common since the 2000s, with advancements in technology making it easier for culprits to access personal information about others.

Cyberstalkers use various techniques to harass their victims. This includes searching for their personal details online, sending unwanted text messages, and following them on social media platforms to get access to their photos and personal details. One of the platforms that is often used for this purpose is Facebook, leading to the creation of the term ‘Facestalking’.

Example for using ‘Cyberstalking’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of cyberstalking?

Yeah, it’s when someone stalks another person using technology, right?

Exactly! They use things like phones and the internet to stalk and gather information.

That’s scary. I’ve heard it can be a real threat to someone’s safety.