What does CYE stand for?

Check your email

CYE is a popular acronym used in text messaging that stands for check your email. It’s a way of telling someone to look in their inbox for a new message.

People often use CYE when they need a response to an email and haven’t received one yet. It’s a gentle reminder that there’s something waiting to be read and replied to.

It’s also common to use CYE when the information you need to share is best sent via email. This could be because it’s a document, a forwarded message, or something business-related that can’t be easily shared through a simple text message.

So, if you see CYE pop up in a text message, take it as a nudge to head over to your email inbox. There could be something important waiting for you!

Example for using ‘CYE’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the email I sent you earlier? πŸ“§

No, I haven’t checked my email yet. What’s up? πŸ€”

CYE! I just sent you an important document that we need for the meeting tomorrow. πŸ“„

Oh, okay! Let me go and check it right away. Thanks for letting me know! 😊