What does CYO stand for?

See you online

If you’ve come across ‘CYO’ in an online conversation, it’s basically an acronym used by people to convey that they’ll be meeting someone on the internet later. This could be for a gaming session or just a friendly chat.

The beauty of this term lies in its flexibility. Whether it’s a scheduled online gaming match or a casual chat, ‘CYO’ has got you covered. It’s a quick, easy way to tell someone you’ll be seeing them online later without getting into specifics.

So, next time you plan to meet someone online, feel free to use ‘CYO’. It’s a neat, informal way to set up digital meet-ups, all while keeping the conversation light and breezy.

Example for using ‘CYO’ in a conversation

Hey, did you see the new game update?

No, not yet. What’s new?

They added a new level and some cool features. Wanna play later?

Sure! CYO after dinner?