What does CYOA stand for?

Cover your own a**

CYOA is an acronym that means “cover your own a**.” It’s a phrase often thrown around by people who are looking out for their own interests, indicating that they won’t be going out of their way to help you out this time.

For instance, if a team project takes a downward turn, a self-centered colleague may use CYOA to imply that you should brace yourself for the blame that might be coming your way. They’re effectively washing their hands off any responsibility and leaving you in the lurch.

Similarly, in the world of online gaming, a fellow player might tell you to CYOA. This means they’re not going to cover for your mistakes or inexperience anymore. It’s a clear sign you’re on your own and need to step up your game.

Example for using ‘CYOA’ in a conversation

Hey, did you hear about the group project?

Yeah, it didn’t go well. Our boss is blaming everyone.

That’s not fair. What should we do?

CYOA. Protect yourself, because nobody else will.