What does Cyr stand for?

Call your

Ever heard of the term ‘Cyr’? It’s a bit of a rare one, but it’s essentially an abbreviation that folks use when they’re talking about making a phone call. You might see it in a text message, something like “Hey, I cyr but it went straight to voicemail.”

It’s not a super common abbreviation, so you might get some confused looks or messages if you use it. It’s kind of counterproductive, because you’ll end up having to explain what it means, and the whole point of using abbreviations is to make things quicker and easier, right?

So the bottom line is, if you’re going to use ‘Cyr’, make sure you’re using it with people who are already in the know when it comes to slang. Otherwise, you might just be better off typing out the full phrase!

Example for using ‘Cyr’ in a conversation

Hey! Can you Cyr your mom and ask her if she’s picking us up from the mall?

Sure, I’ll Cyr her right now and let you know!

Thanks! Let me know what she says. 😊

I just Cyr’d her, and she said she’ll be here in 10 minutes!