What does D/S mean?


D/S is a term you might come across in online spaces, such as chat rooms or dating apps. It’s used to indicate a relationship dynamic where one person is leading, or dominant, and the other is following, or submissive.

For instance, someone might write “Seeking a D/s relationship” in their dating profile to express their interest in this type of bond. It’s a way of communicating the kind of romantic partnership they prefer upfront.

But the use of D/S is not limited to romantic relationships only. It can be used to describe the dynamics in any relationship – be it friendship, family, or otherwise. Say, if your buddy is stuck in an unhealthy relationship with a bossy partner, you might say, “Jake is too much of a control freak. You should consider leaving this D/s situation.”

Example for using ‘D/S’ in a conversation

Hey, have you heard of D/S?

Yeah, it stands for Dominant/Submissive. It’s about power dynamics in relationships.

Oh, I see. So like one person being in charge and the other being more submissive?

Exactly! It’s a way some people express their preferences in relationships.