Dad Praising

What does Dad Praising mean?

Complimenting a dad for doing basic parenting tasks

When someone commends a father for doing basic parenting tasks, it’s known as ‘Dad Praising’. These tasks might include things like feeding the kids, getting them ready for bed or even changing their diapers. Appreciation can be shown in a variety of ways, whether it’s through a personal compliment, a thumbs-up, or an encouraging comment on an online platform like a parenting forum or social media.

Some individuals believe that ‘Dad Praising’ is a reflection of a deeper societal issue. The underlying problem is the unfair expectation that mothers should be flawless caregivers, while fathers are not held to the same standard. This disparity often leads to ‘Mom shaming’, a situation in which mothers are repeatedly criticized for their parenting choices.

Dads can be praised for many things, including taking their kids grocery shopping, changing diapers, tucking the kids in at night, helping them get dressed in the morning, feeding them, taking time off work for a newborn, and participating in school drop-offs, pick-ups, and parent-teacher meetings. Variations of the term might include ‘Dad-praising’ or ‘Daddy praising’.

Example for using ‘Dad Praising’ in a conversation

Did you see that video of Mark changing his baby’s diaper?

Yes! It’s so great to see dads being involved in parenting.

I know, right? Dad praising is important to encourage more dads to step up.

Absolutely! They deserve recognition for doing the simple parenting tasks.